Free Download Avast Antivirus 6.0 New Version 5 April 2012

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 Free Avast Antivirus 6. 0 provides nub wholly a lot, repeatedly importance other goods are addicted isolated control paid feature, of course this is handsome impressive story, especially those that keep limited funds and has not been able to buy a paid antivirus software. Several unfamiliar one's way or benefits of Avast Antivirus 6. 0 take in:

 avast nullifying virus auto sandbox

 Free Avast Antivirus 6. 0 Auto Sanbox – the inceptive automatic virtualization facet for unqualified Antivirus. AutoSanbox discern scoundrel applications ( suspicious ) and automatically displays a message to the user whether to dart these applications clout a secure virtual appliance. If the application is malicious therefrom the virtual machines will avast shutdown and the computer / PC will keep at protected.
 WebRep – is a reputation of a website bird dog and malware.
 WebRep will homogenize lock up the search influence on search engines, by combining hookup from the community due to sane whereas existing data suda, to plain the reputation of a website if valid is unharmed or not to vacation.
 Higher Internet Protection – Fresh options for internet protection.
 Avast includes protection for both Interlacing and script protection, protecting both the even and the uniform of the HTTP lattice browser, including to block certain websites.
 Notice what’s bad – Know and layoff billions of malware ( viruses ).
 The up of malware / virus is precise fantastic, and Avast has stopped about 1. 2 billion viruses until January 2011. Avast impress 12 000 solo virus samples every term from the information users.
 Avast get pretty good ratings in some recent antivirus tests. Avast Antivirus 6. 0 and also maintain the scan speed and performance.
 Free – The free version includes all the features provided above, as well as key features from previous versions.

 General Features

 In addition to the many new features above, overall, Free Avast Antivirus 6. 0 provides many features, among others, as follows:

 Antivirus and Antispyware Engine
 Real - time anti - rootkit protection
 Avast WebRep ( new )
 Avast CommunityIQ
 Boot time scanner
 Intelligent Scanner
 Green computing
 File Systm shield
 Mail shield
 P2P Shield / IM Shield
 Network Shield
 Script Shield
 Behavior shield
 Support for 64bit systems
 Heuristic Engine

 And many other features. For explanation and further information, please visit the website directly Avast Free Antivirus
 Spesifikasi & Download

 To run the free Avast Antivirus 6. 0, computing the required minimum of a Pentium 3 with 128 MB RAM and 300 MB hard drive. Can run on Windows XP ( SP 2 or higher ), Windows Vista ( except Starter Edition ) and Windows 7.

Download Free Avast Antivirus 6. 0 Here

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